New President and Presidency of Croatian Mens elected

New President and Presidency of Croatian Mens elected

Last weekend the Electoral Assembly of Croatian Mensa was held. Đuro Lubura was elected president of Croatian Mensa,

while Ana Lubura Zegnal, Luka Pavičić, Marko Prlić and Goran Maričić were elected members of the Presidency.

After the election of Croatian President Đuro Lubura thanked the former president and members of the Presidency and announced that in his two-year mandate, in cooperation with other members of the Presidency and other volunteers, he will endeavor to open up the Croatian Mensa to the public and strengthen the social role of Mense members in Croatia.

"Members of Mense are obliged to use intelligence for the benefit of the community we live in. It is time to engage more in that direction and within the framework of the opportunities offered by Mense rules we try to influence society around us, "Lubura said.

The Assembly has elected Lidija Supek as the Supervisory Board instead of the former member of the Presidency and will continue to supervise Vanja Aćimović and Ela Pavičić Sapor.

Croatian Mensa is part of an international association of top 2% intelligent individuals. The only requirement for membership is the result of a standardized intelligence test that is higher than 98 percent of the population. Croatian Mensa has around 780 members, and new tests are occasionally carried out in several cities,  which information can be found at