Anatolia: Reflections from Heart to Clay, 20-27 October 2012

Stigao nam je poziv za jedan EU Lifelong learning program workshop. Detalji su u nastavku, a ako ste zainteresirani, javite se na This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. pa ćemo vam proslijediti prijavnicu. Rok za prijavu je 15. kolovoza.

It will be held in between 21-26 of October in Galeri MuniART in the historic castle area of Ankara, Turkey.
It will be for 6 days (8 days in total).
It targets mainly people with high mental IQ levels. This is to overcome their social exclusion problems.
People over 18 years old can participate to the workshop and should be from the EU member states, EFTA states, Croatia and Turkey.
The number of applicants are limited.


Anatolia: Reflections from Heart to Clay
20-27 October 2012


•    Language of the workshop is English. Knowledge of medium level of English is a must.
•    Workshop contact person is Dr. Şirin Gülcen Eren. Please send your application forms to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
•    Participants will be selected from people aged over 18 and from EU LLP countries (EU member states, EFTA countries (Norway, Iceland, Switzerland, and Lichtenstein) and Croatia and Turkey) and interested in handicrafts. Priority will be given to positive disadvantaged groups (High mental IQ people, preferably 120 IQ and over).
•    People working and living in LLP countries are also welcomed for application upon proof of working permit and residency permit.
•    Number of applicants is limited.
•    Selected applicants are advised to make travel insurance. Organizer could cover travel insurance costs below 15 Euros per participant.
•    Taxi expenses will not be covered. Upon arrival to the airport in Ankara Esenboğa Airport Turkey, you are kindly asked to use HAVAŞ for your city transfers.
•    The organizer will pay maximum 350 Euros of the flight tickets and visa costs.
•    Plane tickets and visa costs, travel costs, insurance costs will be paid upon arrival to Turkey.  
•    Museum tickets will be paid by the workshop organizer.
•    Breakfasts and lunches will be compensated by the workshop organizer. The organizer will not pay breakfasts and lunches taken in another place and dinners.
•    Submission of boarding passes to the organizer is a must.
•    Learner application form should be filled with blue ink, signed, and submitted to the workshop organizer by fax or a scanned version should be emailed.
•    Applicants are kindly requested to submit the original application forms upon arrival to Turkey to the contact person.

Anatolia: Reflections from Heart to Clay
21-26 October 2012


DAY I Arrival to Ankara (20.10.2012)

I. DAY (21.10.2012)
09:30 Welcome meeting-
General information about the Programme, the Artist and the Workshop (Atelier)
Introduction to production phase of artistic and industrial products of clay

II. DAY (22.10.2012)
09:30 Introduction to materials and equipment
General information about Anatolian motifs, forms, and formats
Study visit to the Anatolian Civilizations Museum

III. DAY (23.10.2012)
09:30 Preparation of designs originating from Anatolian forms, formats, and motifs
Teaching clay preparation and moulding techniques
Description of mud mixing methods
Finishing a product

IV. DAY (24.10.2012)
09:30 Transferring designs into objects - making of clay products

V. DAY (25.10.2012)
09:30 Teaching under glaze technique
(Transferring designs to ceramic plates as color and drawing by under glaze technique which is one of the techniques of tile designs)
Biscuit baking

VI. DAY (26.10.2012)
09:30 Introduction to glazing technique
Practice of glazing
Brief knowledge on drying and baking a product
Evaluation of the Workshop – exhibition of participant's products
Closing ceremony- Giving the participants Participation Certificates

DAY 8 Departures from Ankara (27.10.2012)