New Year´s Eve event 2012 in Berlin

New Year´s Eve event 2012 in Berlin

Dear Guests and dear Mensans,
who take part in New Years Eve 2012 / 2013 in Berlin or who will sign in after having read this mail immediately, we want to announce to you that we offer many amazing lectures, partly put on our website already or put there in the next few days.
Furthermore we have added some events just waiting for you to be stormed, for example a coffee degustation in a small coffee roasting plant.

If you now notice horrifiedly that the lectures or new events collide with your current program, you can change your bookings until 30 November without costs.

You want to come to Berlin with your car from the other side of the world and have seats left for someone to accompany you who wants to share the costs for fuel with you? You want to have an intelligent person sitting next to you on the plane or train? You realize after 30 November that your ID card expired so you won´t be permitted into the Bundestag building or that your beloved dachshund is not allowed to go with you to the zoo so you want to change your bookings?
Therefore we installed a bulletin board where you can tackle such things. It is located at

In addition the run on the "Silvesterparty" is so overwhelming that despite the raise of capacities only very few places are left. A further increase is unfortunately impossible what means not all participants will be able to take part in the evening meeting. We´re thinking about creating an off-the-record program element where you can make an appointment with some others through our bulletin board or at the black board at the reception desk in advance for going together to the public New Year´s Eve party with about one million guests at the Brandenburg gate or to another highlight of Berlin.

After having clarified all your questions concerning your voyage, the event program and your pets, there is left the insatiable desire to support us?
We can help you with this problem at
you can sign in for doing 1 to 9 shifts at the reception desk.
Or you want to guide a group from our hostel to an event or to disorient them in another way, contact us.

We continue to accept applications for job of sorting some playlist on our PC containing our mp3s ("DJ").

If there are any open questions or you want to spend us some cakes, feel free to send us an email to:
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

We are looking forward to meet you in Berlin,
the members of the organization team