Open minded!

Dear Friends, I wanted to greet and thank all of you for the enjoying days we had in Baska.

It was the first Mensa event I ever attended to, and I got a really nice impression of it. Since I applied for Mensa and until I came to Baska, I was wondering which kind of people Mensans are, why they should stay together, maybe it's an eliterian association of people who feel themselves genius. Staying with you has been an interesting answer: ordinary people, with maybe some special attitude in common, who want to stay together and enjoy. Maybe the best special attitude is to be open minded: I really appreciated you all were welcoming with us and each other and specially I was surprised that former Yugoslavian people from different countries can be friends this way.

Good enough to say that I will start to be an active Mensan (I hope to find in Italy the same atmosphere) and surely I'll try to join you in your future gatherings (I have to, since I am table tennis defending champion), and I have to try to improve the few (bad) Croatian words I learned.

Hope to see you soon.

Ciro, Mensa Italy