Thank you!

All members,

My personal experience

Mensa is the place where I found fascinating dynamics between people and also the place where I found inspiration. It is a place where you can reach for the highest, and where you can help other people to reach for the highest. Mensa is not just a social club. Mensa has achieved much to help society, and there is still a long and interesting way to go. Identifying and fostering intelligence can do so much to benefit society in a myriad of ways.  Mensa will open the door for you to this inspiring world - but, you have to enter by yourself.

What will 2012 bring ?

This will again be a year with a significant increase in international contacts. There is a tradition that Mensa is experienced as “the local group” or “a” national Society. In the last years new national Mensas have been established with a young membership base. The national Mensas have a lot in common and there is a very pro-active attitude. The members are looking for material, opportunities, experiences, and the do’s and don’t’s in other countries. The tradition that national Mensas depend on their own resources for development is behind us. The first resource for new development is found abroad and this shall only increase in the coming year. Traditional borders will fade in this electronic Internet age; communication with the other side of the globe is easy and the costs can be zero. This communication will lead to high-speed Mensas, those national Mensas which know to utilise these facilities and this will result in more members globally, the wheel spinning faster and faster.

To support this trend will be another challenge for the International Organisation Mensa. The year 2012 will be another year for us with challenges in the areas of communication support, development of national Mensas, development of volunteers, operational management, stimulating research for the highly gifted, and many more.  

Thank you

This is also an opportunity to say a warm "thank you" to all the volunteers who donate time and energy to this organisation. The national Boards, the appointees and all the committee members. Without their contribution this organistion would not exist. Thank YOU !

I wish you all a happy and healthy 2012 !

Willem Bouwens
Chair Board of Mensa International
CEO Mensa International Limited